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The most commonly asked questions on orthodontic treatment

If you’re thinking about improving the look and structure of your teeth or jaw, you will likely have a long list of questions and information you would like to know before you go ahead and get treatment.

You are often given this opportunity at a consultation meeting, but before you book one, take a look at the answers to more general questions, below.

When should I see an orthodontist?

It is recommended that children with orthodontic issues should see an orthodontist before they are 10, this is even if there are no major problems.

This is because their jaws are continuing to develop so we think it is best to find the problems as soon as possible.

For adults, orthodontic treatment can start at any age, as the jaw and teeth should be fully developed.

If you have a particularly bad orthodontic issue, we recommend you see one as soon as possible.

What do they do at an orthodontist consultation?

  • Dental and overall medical review.
  • An oral exam.
  • X-ray, if necessary.
  • Forming a tailored plan.
  • Price breakdown.
  • Run through of the timeframe.
  • run through of payment plans.
  • Answer any of your questions

What orthodontic treatments are available?

Fixed Braces - Fixed braces are glued to the teeth, so they can’t be removed to eat or clean.

There are a few variations of fixed braces including Metal braces, Ceramic braces and Lingual braces. Find out more from specialist orthodontists about how fixed braces work.

Do orthodontists shape teeth after braces?

Orthodontic treatments can drastically change the straightness of teeth but they can’t change the shape of your jaw and teeth, nor can they repair unhealthy teeth.

In order to change the shape of teeth,  dental contouring and bonding is the most common option available which involves slightly reshaping the teeth.

This is usually an additional service, not included in the braces treatment.

Find out how to take care of your teeth after treatment here.

How much is an orthodontist consultation?

This always depends on the clinic you choose, many orthodontists offer a free consultation, if they are confident you will choose their service.

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The more in-depth consultations are generally paid for as they do offer a lot of information and insight into the process. Dentists will often refer their patients to an orthodontist, in this case, a consultation is unlikely to be costly.

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