Private Dental Care 2024


What is the Difference?

In the UK, patients are offered NHS dental treatment and Private Dental treatment. A common assumption is that Private Dental Care is highly expensive compared to the NHS, but that isn’t necessarily true.

NHS Treatments

The NHS focuses on restoration treatments. These treatments focus on repairing crowns, failed fillings, dentures and bridges.

Cosmetic dentistry is generally not available on the NHS.

Cosmetic dental treatments such as dental veneers and dental implants are only available under very exceptional circumstances. NHS only carries out treatments that are vital to your oral health and is clinically necessary.

Private Dental Care Treatments

Unlike the NHS, private general dentists are able to offer a wide range of treatments without you having to meet certain criteria’s. You can choose between all of the regular dental treatments like fillings, root canal or teeth whitening and have the advantage of being able to enjoy faster appointments and better dental solutions that can improve your appearance and your oral health too.

Private dental treatments are catered specially for your needs.

Furthermore, private dentists and clinics are capable of using state-of-the-art equipment to carry out their procedures and use more durable and greater materials too.

Time is a Factor

Private dental clinics tend to be more flexible with their hours. Their consultations are built and designed around your schedule.

Unlike NHS clinics, private dentists are able to offer longer consultation times because they aren’t under the ‘units of dental activity’. This means they aren’t expected to see a number of patients.”

It’s becoming a common practice for private dental clinics to offer multiple appointments to discuss your treatment at length. Because of how they’re run, private dental clinics tend to be more flexible with their hours and your time.

Research Your Options

We strongly recommend researching your dentistry options in the area. Private clinics offer a wealth of benefits that tend to outweigh NHS alternatives, but there are some treatments on the NHS that may be right for you.