What is the most popular program for alcoholics?

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Alcohol and drug treatment programs

You don’t need to be spiritual or even believe in a higher power to become sober.

For drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs to be effective, it is crucial that the person suffering anxiety or depression not feel alienated or uncomfortable with the treatment plan and support group beliefs.

For atheists, groups like AA can dissuade them as they do not connect with a higher power or spiritual belief.

This is fine. You do not need to believe in God to become sober, but you will need to believe in yourself.


Chronic or heavy drinkers or drug addicts often experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to give up their drug of choice.

These symptoms can be severe and dangerous.

That’s why it’s always recommended to carry out these types of treatments under medical supervision.

Treatment facilities

With thousands of alcohol and drug treatment centres up and down the country, you have the choice of the best place for you to carry out your recovery.

You can choose outpatient, inpatient, the NHS or residential programmes to treat your addiction.

Alcohol rehab centres, like Castle Craig, are well-known for changing people’s lives for the better. With a success rate of over 70% for long-term abstinence, there’s no better place to begin your recovery.

Recovery support groups

Research states that those who actively try to achieve a sober lifestyle gain better results when they are involved in group or mutual support. These can take the form of self-help groups, recovery programs and support networks like AA.

Other groups include:

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