Breast Reduction -The Process

All you need to know about breast reduction surgery

There are many good reasons why a woman would want to undergo a breast reduction.

Despite such extreme examples, having oversized breasts can be a burden.

They are heavy, and bras leave grooves in the shoulders where the breasts pull down so much. Pain in the neck and bad posture are also common where a woman has large breasts. A breast reduction can often restore proportion to a woman, making her breasts fit better with her body shape and size.
When you undergo a breast reduction operation your surgeon will begin by making small incisions on the underside of the breasts, from which any excess skin and tissue can be removed.

The breast reduction operation then moves on to reshape and reposition the breasts to firm them and realign them to a new higher position.

In some cases, the nipples will also have to be moved to achieve the best and most natural-looking result. The breast reduction or mastopexy operation is done under general anaesthetic and will involve a two-night stay in the clinic.

It usually takes a two to three weeks to recover from this operation and it is always important, following a breast reduction operation that you follow all the instructions your surgeon gives you and wear the support bra for the prescribed period.

Trusted surgeons have heard every question or query you can think of so do not hesitate to ask us anything! Surgeons are there to make sure that the result you get is the best it can possibly be.

Any swelling after the operation will soon resolve and you will be given pain killers to cope with any pain and discomfort you might have. There is no doubt that a breast reduction operation can significantly improve the quality of a woman’s life and will help her to enjoy clothes that actually fit properly and an end to back and neck ache and sore shoulders!

A breast lift, or mastopexy, to give it it’s medical name, is a procedure that many clients choose to overcome the problems of sagging or droopy breasts,, This is often experienced by women who have been pregnant, breastfed or lost significant amounts of weight or simply as a result of the ageing process which has robbed the breasts of their tone and elasticity. A breast lift does not increase or decrease the size of the breast necessarily.

Mastopexy is used as a method of restoring a more youthful look to the breasts. There are several different techniques that are used to perform breast lift surgery and these differ in the types of incisions that are used.

These different incision approaches include the most popular ‘anchor’ shaped incision and amongst others also include the ‘doughnut’ shaped incision.

Every breast lift operation is different and each client who comes to them is assessed as an individual and they know from their experience of breast lift procedures that some clients will need more extensive incisions while others may be suitable for smaller, less extensive incisions.

A breast lift operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and will usually take about two to two and a half hours and. It is very likely that after a mastopexy procedure there will be bruising and some swelling which will soon resolve. Painkillers will be given to control any pain.

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